Chrome extension issue in Particular server


I am facing chrome extension issue sometimes in a Particular Server(Prod). No issues in Dev server. If there are 5 transactions and if bot fails at 3rd transaction for chrome extension issue, the transactions 4 and 5 also getting failed due to other selector errors. But in next bot run, the same process is running fine without any issues. The chrome extension issue occurs once in 3 days.

I tried reinstalling Chrome application and Chrome extension through cmd with admin rights. But unfortunately facing the same issue again. Please let me know what needs to be checked related to server settings as this error is occurring only in Prod server.

Thanks in advance.


You can check the event viewer for the logs if it is uninstalling due to Windows updates / any background applications are blocking this plugin

Hope this may help you


What was the exact issue ?

@Srini84 , Thanks for the response.
When I checked the Event Viewer logs, there is nothing related to chrome extension at that particular run time. The only log is “Object reference not set to an instance of Object”.
There is a windows update notification popup which is appearing in Notification panel. I suspect that is causing issue. Kindly advise.


@Lakshay_Verma , The error thrown by bot is “Cannot communicate with browser. Check with UiPath extensions”. But the required webpage is completely loaded when I checked in screenshot. The uipath extension is still enabled in the chrome.

I could not find any solution, however as u mentioned about a pop-up, can you disable automatic updates?
Update chrome extension to collect errors
Check log, if it fails on any particular web activity

@Lakshay_Verma , The error occurs at Open browser activity. We requested IT team to disable the update notification popup. However, can you please tell me where can we update chrome extension to collect errors?