Chrome Extension installation issue

How to troubleshoot the Chrome extension installation issue?

Follow the below troubleshoot steps: 
1. Open cmd prompt in admin mode. Uninstall the extension from the command prompt.
Find the command in the below screenshot. 

/chrome /uninstall - is the command. 

2. Close all instances of chrome.
  - Reboot the system
  - After reboot verify the same if the uninstall is proper. 

3. Open cmd prompt in admin mode & Install the chrome extension using the command prompt again.

4. Reboot the system again.
Now launch the chrome browser and verify. 

5. In case if it fails , Open Studio in admin mode & try spying selectors if it helps. 

It’s important  the ChromeNativeMessaging.exe to be running. 
Give the above exe to run as an administrator permission. Verify the same from the windows Task Manager. 

Note:  Chrome Native Messaging extension should be running with admin privileges
If not, reach out to internal IT admin team for white-listing the exe.