Chrome extension deleted and trying to reset the extension

I am done with adding the chrome extension but unfortunately, I deleted the extension from the chrome. When I am trying to add the extensions it is saying to restart the chrome, I restarted the chrome and my system several times but the same issue. How can I add an extension to the chrome? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Phani
Did you try to add it from UiPath Studio → Setup tab → Setup extensions?


Yes I added the extension in the same way but unfortunately, I deleted the extension from chrome tab.

Could you please check here C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiPath\BrowserExtension
Not sure for CE but just search for it.

No, the extension is not there.

I deleted the present ui path and installed the new one. But the same issue.
restart chrome

Which UiPath Studio version do you have installed?

was this solved buddy? faced with same issue here

Faced same issue and this is Uipath, may I have some of your insights on this?

Hi @yangbo

What is the exact issue? The extension doesn’t get installed after you deleted it? Do you get any errors?

same issues how to find out solution for this ?

did you get any update solution… @Phani