Chrome extension cannot be activated on my work laptop - will this impact learning?

I am able to download Studio X and Excel extension but the Chrome extension is blocked on my work laptop. Will this impact my learning on the rest of the course?

Hello Melissa and welcome to the forum.

You can also use Internet explorer as the most common browser or there are other ones available such as Firefox or Chromium (Edge)


Hi @Melissa.Tan,

@Jorge_Rincon is correct but please keep in mind that Firefox also requires an extension to be installed. If possible I would suggest going with IE for the excersises.


IE works better for automation and UiPath. However, if Chrome is required, like it is in some cases and works better for some websites, I suggest you consult your local IT to install the extension since it’s needed for growing your skills and help your work!

Thanks all. I just tried asking IT Helpdesk and they rejected my request :frowning: I will use IE and hope I can complete the course with this restriction.

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