Chrome browser can't be opened warning "The browser is not installed" appears

Hi, I have a problem when I want to launch chrome using the open browser activity in my uipath, a warning appears that the browser is not installed, even though I have installed the extension and it is set to enabled.

Please help :pray:t2:

Firstly make sure that you choosed correctly browser type (property above url).

I have set the browser type to chrome in property.

Then I tried to relaunch it and the result still show the warning “The browser not installed”

Is there another step?

If it was an issue with extension you should get this message:
Can you check your action on different browser ?
Maybe you will try use recorder:
Choose open browser and click on Chrome.

I tried using firefox and Edge, and it works normally.
but when i try to use chrome the following error appears:

I tried using web recording.