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I am try to using UIpath for automatic with chrome.
My workflow is open chrome with user A( by click to special icon on desktop screen ) then attach it to System.Core.Browser variable “browser1”, after that I open chrome for user B( by click to another special icon on desktop screen ) then attach it to variable “browser2”.
My problem is browser1 is success attach and controlable, but browser2 is failure on attach and uncontrol able.
So anybody have a solution for this problem, pls help?
I have idea to customize “Open Browser” because the target of each chrome user is diffirent
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --profile-directory=“Profile 6”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --profile-directory=“Profile 7”)
But it seem hard, i will glad if some one teach me to do it.

@nguy_n_d_c Can please elaborate more as i m not getting your point.


HI shivam_rao
I got this screen
I trying do this workflow
But attach browser is success with first browser but second browser is failure

I think maybe the selector got changed with every changing browser.
check the selectors.

This is result. As you see the default website is setting to google, and after attach I will navigator web page to youtube for testing.
Can you give me advice for config selector?

@nguy_n_d_c Please refer to this link reference link for making your selectors dynamic.


Thank you, i will read this topic.
And I want to ask, with my workflow, do you have better idea for make it run better?

Make a sequence in the flowchart is a good practice so that the code looks smaller. As of now you directly put the activities attached to the start node. which, sometimes confuse you if working with the big processes.


Oh I know, but I mean do you have any solution for resolve my project and make it run well

@nguy_n_d_c If not mandatory then prefer using only one browser but different tabs.

But my problem is use diffirent user, if use 1 browser only can use 1 user

Send me your workflow if possible @nguy_n_d_c

Wait a bit I will convert them all to Main file :smiley:

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Flowchart.xaml (12.8 KB)
I forgot you can drag this to Main too.

Your selectors aren’t reliable…

This is what you have for browser 2

This is what you have for browser 1

Is there any reason you’re doing these one after the other? Why not open browser 2 (or 1, 3) do what you need to do, close it, then open the next browser?

Hi CBlanchard,
I want to control more than 1 chrome at the same time, if I dont need it, I just do your way already :frowning: