Choosing The Best Selectors

I’m having a hard time to figure out which selectors to choose or where to apply the wildcards inside the selectors but only inside a web page. Say if I want to get the price of a laptop that has lowest price on amazon how should I pick the selectors so that I get the price of the cheapest laptop even when the product list is updated. So that I get the cheapest price whenever I run the UiPath file.

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Buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal we can do one…to find the lowest price laptops,
once you get to amazon, use the data scrapping option from design menu
and make the scrapping which will give us a datatable as output
–then we can sort the datatable using sort datatable activity and get the lowest or highest priced laptops in the table
for more info on data scrapping and sort datatable activity

while still to get to know about the selectors
we can find the which part to be replaced with wildcards by just identifying the dynamic value of attributes in the selector… with wild card * symbols

Cheers @Anubhav_Ghildiyal