Choose specific data and transfer to specific column in other excel workbook

There are 3 excels file here :slight_smile:

  1. currencyJune.xlsx
  2. currencyMay.xlsx

In (NMM) DATA SHEET_EXCHANGE RATE_ Excel, at row 33, i want the data to be filled by the data from currencyMay.xlsx (based on country, TTS, TTB)

Next, how i can i make the (NMM) DATA SHEET_EXCHANGE RATE_ Excel automatically jump to row 34 and fill the same specific data from currencyJune.xlsx?

Can someone help me because this has been a month ive been doing on. Btw, i am among the first of many from southeast asia to join this forum and i really need help.

I am new user so i couldnt upload my attachments. Can someone help me and i will share in my google drive.

@Amir_Asyraf_Halim Is it only at row 33 and 34 ,or does it keep on going in the same pattern?

no. it will keep going. do you want to see my excel file

@Amir_Asyraf_Halim So 33 is CurrencyMay, 34 is CurrencyJune, 35 is CurrencyMay, 36 is CurrencyJune and so on, if it is like this there is a Pattern I believe But need more details :sweat_smile:

currencyMay at row 33, currencyJune at row 34…and in the future, there must be currencyJuly at row 35, currencyAugust at row 36. is it clear haha i hope you are clear now. im so newbie to handle this matter and i cant even do it

@Amir_Asyraf_Halim So the rows needs to be added as per Currency[Month] Files Count right?

yes you are so right :frowning: i hope you can help me because theres no one in my country can help me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

@Amir_Asyraf_Halim Ok, Can you send the File and Also Sample Input Files and What operation to perform and A Sample Output File ? That will be helpful to solve your problem

.my workflow in uipath studio only using the read range and write range which is totally unnecessary for this problem. so i give you my excel workbooks.

As been explained about my problem, I hope you can help me because i know, everyone except southeast asia country like me is very good in rpa. :frowning: i need a master to teach me one day.
(NMM) DATA SHEET_EXCHANGE RATE_NMM_V0.02.xls (877 KB) currencyJune.xlsx (10.2 KB) currencyMay.xlsx (14.2 KB)

in conclusion, this is my expected output :


@Amir_Asyraf_Halim The Excel looks Complicated , It will take time to Achieve this Output :sweat_smile:

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hey im so sorry. the excel used only at sheet “Daily BOT rate 12.19” :frowning: other sheet not used im sooooooo sorry!!

hey im so sorry. the excel used only at sheet “Daily BOT rate 12.19” :frowning: other sheet not used im sooooooo sorry!!

i mean in the excel NMM Exchange, the sheet used only “Daily BOT rate 12.19” :frowning:

@Amir_Asyraf_Halim Yeah Got it, I will try and Develop a Solution