Choose next item in a loop

Hi, I have successfully created a loop however i need the bot to click on the next item on the list and run the process.
Can anyone please help me? i’ve added a screen shot of my workflow below

show the selector form the first activity please

We can create a variable along the if attribute of selector in CLICK activity which should be increment with a assign activity like this
Which must be placed atlast inside the loop activity
counter = counter +1

To create a variable in selector kindly have a view on this

Cheers @nick.v

this is the attach browser selector

this is for the Data scraping activity

the click activity, show us the selector please, as @Palaniyappan said you have to pass a dynamic variable

this is the selector for the first click activity

Hi @Palaniyappan i have assigned counter in the loop activity where in the click selector below would i put the counter variable?