Choose multiple combination drop down


I am trying to access mutiple dropdown as shown in picture attached but while recording the problem is the next option does not appear in recording mode, i need to hover over first option(request) hover over second(password) and select the third one(manage request).

You can try Click activity for this. Use UiExplorer and find the selector for the destination value what you have to select

The click activity only recognizes the request tab, but hover does not work when i enter record mode so not able to navigate to other options.

If you press f2 in record mode, it will briefly pause do let you open menues that normaly close on defocus (like the problem you are having now)

You will have to get the selector from the tree in UiExplorer

New thing to add to my knowledge, thanks but here when i click F2 i am able to navigate to the next option but after recording starts again, it disaapears , probably something with the way this website is made

Thanks, i got the selector for first element, not sure how to get the relative second element because once i select the option of explorer and click, i am only able to get to first option and the next option doesnt appear.