Choose flexfield on web based on excel file


I have an excel file with names like indicated on screen "celestica, IBM etc), i want robot to look for same name in web application and click/mark check box that would appear on the left side of this “text”
For each name in file look on website and mark it/click check box.

Any idea ? Should i use find children activity or for each loop ?

Find Children would be my approach. You can grab the selectors for both the Vendor Names and their respective check boxes. Save these in a datatable with the attribute that holds the Vendor Name. So datatable looks something like this:


Cycle through your excel list and if the Vendor Names match, use the Checkbox Selector.

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So basically i did this like on photo below:

Question is= in output children should i create argument or i should generate data table with vendor name to look for.

The ForChildren activity outputs a list of element objects, all with various attributes.

So you can access the selector of an object in the list for example like: Vendorname(1).Selector.ToString

Or you can get the text, such as Vendor Name by accessing the Attribute ‘aaname’ perhaps:

I would build a datatable similar to that I showed previously that has the Vendor Name grabbed and the associated Checkbox selector for the object. That would by the key information for you. You can then compare this with your original excel list and if the vendor names match, grab the associated checkbox selector and feed it to a click activity.