Chome extension id for whitelist

Hi when i try to install chrome plug-in from studio setup, i get the following reply
when talking to my IT team they say i just have to add the plug-in id to an entry in registry they gave me in the whitelist domain.
my question is what is the current id to whitelist and more important how stable is this id ?regarding studio and it’s own updates (i’m only using the stable production version of studio)

Should be: dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh

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hi Thomas thank’s for the link .
is the id stable in time ?

As far as I see the extension ist not even active in store now. I think UiPath will have to fix this.

The ID is stable and can be use for whitelisting.
The extension is active in the Store but is not discoverable at a simple search because we want it installed from Studio, not from the store. The extension has two functional components: - the web store one and the native host. Installing the extension from the store only, will result in an incomplete installation, thus a non-functional extension.

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