Chk dup from another file?

I have 2 excel file.

  1. File input (sometimes more than 1 sheets)

  1. File compare (sometimes more than 1 sheets)

If Column Cusname and Column APPLAN in file input match with file compare–> Delete row in file input.

Example delete row in yellow highlight because found Cusname = David and APPLAN = BU03 in file compare

Please guide me about it.

input.xlsx (18.8 KB)
File compare.xlsx (18.6 KB)

Remark : I want write output after delete row in same sheet.

Hi @fairymemay

Kindly refer the below video
Hope this might help you

@nikhil.girish If I don’t fix sheet name but I want to loop sheets.

Please guide me more about it.

So if sheet names are not fixed

You can use get sheet name function and store it to a variable

Then read that sheet and loop According to your needs

@nikhil.girish Can you guide me for solve this case with flow?

Everyone please guide me more for solve this case.

Thank you.

join dt.xaml (8.3 KB)

Try this workflow

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