Child Errors in Get Transaction State, level 3 assignment 2

Getting the below error in the Get Transaction Data State, as I changed the data type of Transaction Item to String in the three files mentioned in the walkthrough,

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.


@sushmithaelluru can you please share the screenshot of catch section

I hope you are facing issue with assign Nothing to TransactionItem in Catch Section of this Try-Catch Block

Yeah @Theepan,

Ok. Just delete Nothing and save your workflow. Then type again nothing there it will be solved.

Yeah, it is resolved @Theepan. Can I know the difference between the Nothing and nothing

Both are same but before it was assigned to type QueueItem. Now you change the type to String. So it get notified by xaml, we have to delete and save then type again.(You can type Nothing as well)

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Ok. Have one doubt too, what should be the Transaction Item type should be ,String or QueueItem?

At starting of the walkthrough, mentioned to change the type to String, but in the Performer Process ,mentioned to change the type to Queue Item,

If you are doing the Dispatcher you have to delete the Get Transaction Item activity as it is not needed. and if you are doing the Performer Process the TransactionItem type needs to be QueueItem.

the Performer TransactionItem should be QueueItem

Yes as @tshedzamclay said Performer is a new process. There we are getting data from Orchestrator Queue. So we should define Transaction Items as QueueItem

In Dispatcher we add data to Orchestrator Queue.

you have to create two processes in this assignment

Okk, we can follow either the Dispatcher Process or Performer Process!?

There are two Processes here

1)The Dispatcher which the TransactionItem should be a String in the Main file and in the argument types in the GetTransactionData, Process, and SetTransactionStatus files

2)The Performer where as @Theepan explained we are using Orchestrator Queue so we should define Transaction Items as QueueItem

These are separate. You do Dispatcher run it after you are done, Do Performer run it separately.

Ok, as you mentioned those two are separate then there will be two Main Files!?

As you can see in the screenshot these to processes like 2 projects,

Hope this make sense now.


Yeah, Thanks @tshedzamclay.

Welcome and if this solved your problem rather confusion, please mark my answer as solution, and let us know if you are having any problem

Thank you.

Yeah, Will let you know if have any problem.

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