Chief Automation Officer - Looking to run a team internally and teach your customers how to create their own Governance Model

Chief Automation Officer

  • Developed and built documentation for (SOP Documentation, Training Documentation, COE/Governance Documentation both internal and client-facing, Process Design Documents, Technical Design documents, etc.) according to Gold Partner Methodology, Industry best practices, and standard operating procedures.

  • Assisted in the design of the company’s overall mission, values, and strategic goals of Automation as a Service.

  • Lead, guided, directed, and evaluated the work of other employees on the Automation as a Service team and ensured a healthy working environment.

  • Managed the daily operations and revenue generation of the Automation as a Service to ensure its continual growth.

  • Assisted in identifying ways to increase revenue and decrease costs, analyzing financial reports, and preparing operating budgets.

  • Attended educational webinars and classes to maintain optimal knowledge on product base and new offerings on partner technology in order to provide the most optimal solutions for customers.

  • Maintained partner relationships and engaged with Account Executives to build pipelines and create sales opportunities.

  • Contributed to sales innovations, strategic business development, and profitability of the company as determined by the company’s strategic goals.

  • Maintained awareness of competitors, expansion opportunities, customers, markets, and new industry developments and standards

  • Identified sales opportunities and managed automation requests from current clients, reviewed the requirements, assessed the suitability, size, the number and licenses required to achieve the automation.

  • Provided Delivery Lead Guidance for efforts when needed for RPA solutions for a variety of business units and corporate functions.

  • Participated with BD Vertical Capture teams in analysis of process automation requirements.
    RPA Center of Excellence Lead, Product Manager, and Sales Engineer

  • Delivered services across the pre-sales cycle including delivering proofs of concepts, addressing customers’ technical and process inquiries and providing collateral support.

  • Built subject matter expertise across RPA products and methodologies to assist internal business units achieve digital workforce transformations.

  • Met with key channel partners, system integrators, customers and prospects to review and contribute to revenue opportunities.

  • Evangelized with key internal stakeholders (sales leadership, product, technical support) to boost sales effectiveness.

  • Standardized and published business process, templates, collateral, demos, and whitepapers needed during the pre-sales cycle.

  • Led Organizational Change Management training for RPA proposing and leading in the optimization of technical training, collaboration tools, and productivity tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness of pre-sales process.

  • Hired, developed, and allocated resources; perform employee reviews, and evaluations.

  • Led team that created 17 highly complex “bots” for engineering teams over a 6-month period; A total of over 1M in savings.

  • Maintained a 78 “bot” request log for internal business units.