Checking UIPath Selector before performing Mouse Click or Any other Event

I want ask one question here …
Now I am using click event using selector but some time control is not loaded due to some network issue , So I want check this selector exist or not before performing click event or any Event. there are following some details…

Selector : using for Goback.

Please suggest me how can I use before performing click or any event.


You could use Element Exists inside a while loop or you could use On Element Appear.

Ok Thanks for response , Now I am doing web automation with trail version of UI Path , I want to do all automation without activating web site in window , because realized that If am minimizing the website and locked the system , I get error message .
So can you suggest me how I do that so the my automation will run with minimization of website and locked computer.

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Hi @Thiyagarajan

You can also simply change the TimeoutMS parameter on your Click activity. That will cause the activity to wait that amount of time before it decides that it can’t find the element. For example, 60000 will wait for 1minute while looking for the element. After 1min it will throw the error saying it could not find it.

As for your other question, I’m not sure but minimized automation doesn’t work that well with UiPath without using Application Objects to access the elements directly like what VB does. You can try using the Hidden or Visible parameters with SimulateClick or SendWindows message. I’m also not sure if you lock your machine after you click run if it will continue, so I can’t answer that fully.