Checking to see if PDF or PDF/A

This is a new one for me but probably someone can help.

We have a requirement to check a lot of PDF files to see if they are PDF/A or not. I’ve had a look at file attributes etc but nothing jumps out at me. There are also instructions about opening the PDF in Adobe but the instructions are given don’t seem to give the same result in DC


You can try using itextsharp and look at metadata if it contains gts_pdfa word which specified that it is pdf/a or not text.pdf.parser.metadata.Contains("/GTS_PDFA1/")


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For prototyping some incomplete samples (ensure UiPath.PDF.Activites is referenced)


Formal we should also keep in mind a declaration and fullfilling the conformance can differ


Testing/PDF-A.xaml: (2) : error BC30109: ‘PdfDocument’ is a class type and cannot be used as an expression.

is all I get in error

what was done in detail?

Just trying to but the output into a string variable for onward processing


Helps if I put the new part at the begining

at least your statement is different to the shared one by ommiting the new keyword:


All fixed now thankyou


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