Checking string and then going to a website

I am new here and I have tried looking for a similar issue but cannot find help.

I want my sequence to first check if the cell says “google” and then go to google site. If it sees Bing then it should go to Bing. I am unable to do the string match correctly. Can you please help.
Search Engine.xlsx (13.3 KB)

Hi @omer.tariq ,Can u show some images of your process flow

Hello @omer.tariq ,

  1. Use a read range to read excel sheet, assign to DT
  2. Loop over DT
  3. Use open url with value CurrentRow(1).ToString() since you have respective site for each search engine; you don’t need to use if else here:

In any case you want to perform different tasks related to site:
then you can use If inside loop => If CurrentRow(0).ToString.tolower.equals(“google”):
then tasks related to google
tasks related to Bing

Hi @omer.tariq, I think this is what your are expecting,

  1. First u need to open any of the website, After that you can navigate it as per your excel value.

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Thank you

Thanks. I am going to try it and let you know if I get stuck

Thanks, my main challenge is first to check the string because if it says Google then go to the google site and if it sats Bing then go to their site. So, its the checking text which i am not able to do correctly

You can convert your string to upper case first. Then use string function contains to check whether “GOOGLE” or “BING” is in the string.

Hi @omer.tariq, Same think happen there, [In your Excel sheet] If first column’s first row is google means it goes to google, If first column’s second row is bing means it goes to bing.