Checking project for validation error gets stuck at UiPath studio version 2023.6.1

Hi, BOT stuck at while validating error . Please provide solution if any. UiPath version 2023.6.1
But worked in previous version.


Restart UiPath and the machine: Close UiPath Studio and restart the application. If the issue persists, restart your machine as well. Sometimes, restarting can help resolve temporary glitches.

Hi @nithish.dhanabal1

The following thread helps you


Hi @rlgandu , thanks for your response .Tried that way multiple times issue persists still


  1. Restart UiPath Studio: Close UiPath Studio and reopen it. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary issues.
  2. Clear NuGet cache: Clearing the NuGet cache can help resolve issues related to package dependencies. Go to %userprofile%\.nuget\packages and delete the UiPath.Packages folder. Restart UiPath Studio and try validating the workflow again.
  3. Check activity package versions: Make sure that all the activity packages used in your workflow are compatible with UiPath version 2023.6.1. Update any outdated or incompatible packages to their latest versions.
  4. Check logs for errors: Check the Output panel in UiPath Studio for any error messages or warnings that might give you insights into the cause of the validation issue. Look for any activity-specific errors or missing dependencies.
  5. Disable activities one by one: Temporarily disable or remove activities one by one from your workflow to identify if a particular activity is causing the validation issue. This can help you isolate the problematic activity and find a solution.
  6. Test in a different version: If possible, test the workflow in a different version of UiPath (e.g., the previous version in which it was working) to confirm if the issue is specific to version 2023.6.1. This can help you determine if the issue is related to the version or something specific to the workflow.

Hi @raja.arslankhan I guess its a bug in version UiPath 2023.6.1 . Cause its working fine when we trigger bot is 2023.4.3 version.
I have tried with above steps you suggested.
Can you pls suggest any other new steps which can help me to resolve this validation stuck issue?

@nithish.dhanabal1 I suggest you to go for UiPath Support on this matter.

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Hi, The Validation error got resolved after replacing on element appear activity with other activity like Check App State.. Its due to version Issue with on element appear activity . Kindly follow the below thread to know more details.

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