Checking out non xaml files in a process for projects controlled with TFS

Hi All,

We are using TFS for version control of our processes as it is integrated with UiPath.
As part of some processes we have some files we produce (exception reports, status reports etc) and store within a ‘Output’ folder within the project folder.

We are happy with the way in which you check out xaml’s and other file types from Studio so you can edit them.

The problem i have is when a process is running and it creates a status report in the output folder, i am not then able to amend it as part of the process as the file is read only. Is there an activity or something similar i can use to check out a file as part of the process so that it can be edited?

Hi @Duane_Higham

Since 2019.6 you will be able to check out a file before running a process, thus allowing the process to edit the file :slight_smile:

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