Checking if the current time is withing the set Start and End time

Main.xaml (11.0 KB)

The system detects that the current time where I’m at is 4:05 PM. I set a start “08:30:00 AM” and end “08:30:00 PM” time which will run a specific task within this time frame.

in the IF condition, it doesn’t recognize that 4:05 PM is within the start and end time I set.
If I hard code the value of Time_now_var = 4:05 PM then the system recognizes it is within the start and end date. Anything I need to change in my script to make this work the same way when it is hard coded.


Perhaps you should use DateTime type var instead of String.
Hope the following helps you.

Main(4).xaml (11.7 KB)



it worked , thank you again Yoichi san for helping me.

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