Checking if the contents of a DT variable match strings in a STRING variable

Hello everyone!

I’m in the following situation : I have a DT variable which comes from an Excel Sheet; and I have another STRING variable which is populated with strings caught by an OCR engine.

I want to check if some of the contents of the DT variable are present within the STR variable.

I have attached the following screenshots for reference : as you can see, my DT variable contains the “PMP” string - and the Str variable also contains “PMP”. How can I make the robot check this ?

Thanks a bunch!


use output data table activity the input is dt and output is string then check

in if condition

That’s a great idea, the problem with it is that the strings caught by the OCR engine will always change, since I have about 25 images to process.

you can do like that may

your datatable is like that


ocr string = “try the new string ggf hhs hhg pmp”

for each row in datatable

and inside for each use if condition


then - matching - if macthing you can break the loop