Checking if package is installed


How can I check if specified activity is present on machine.

One of my robots fails at Activity from Microsoft.Activities.Extensions
It works on my dev computer, but when I try to run in through orchestrator from test machine, it fails with the exception (see below) and before running job status shows that is is “Installing packages” for a couple of minutes. I have a theory that something (network, antivirus) is block installation of this package. Where should I look for it?

System exception.Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:Microsoft.Activities.Extensions.Statements;assembly=Microsoft.Activities.Extensions}AddToDictionary({}Object, {}Object)’. at Source: Invoke GetCustomerData workflow

Hi @MaciejSartys,
You can check the settings for Orchestrator packages:
But you might be right that antivirus or firewall can block this.

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Thanks again @Pablito - the package was indeed not present on test machine, wrong proxy configuration blocked installation of the package from external server

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