Checking if i have received any messages in Linkedin

I am trying to automate the linkedin, where i have to check whether I have received messages from my connections. how do i check if i have received messages from my Connections in LinkedIn?

Hi @sneha_arbole try like this if you have messages in linkedin then simbal will changed ans it will show number of messages so try to check element if that selector exist or not if yes then get the value.

ok i will try it

okay… @sneha_arbole try it and let me know if you faced any issues.

it is not working…

what is the error you are getting try for to build the dynamic selector

if i capture the symbol that i get after receiving the messages…it will differ as the count of the received messages keeps changing…

okay…then try to place wildcards…

I have tried doing it with image exists…there is no selector fr image exists properties

try with the element exist once and take the selector from the ui explorer and try to build dynamic selector

Thank you… for resolving my issue…i have used UI Explorer to get the selector .

Welcome… @sneha_arbole

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