Checking for text in a string

Checking a list of rows to see if the string in the row contains the first day of the month.

e.g. This expression, var.Contains(“2020-03-01”), would be true if the variable has the string “abc+2020-03-01+cba”.

However if the string was “def+2020-02-01+fed” it would be false.

Wondering if there is a way to check in the string for the first day no matter the month or year.


Hey @Nelson.R,

I would approach it this way:

Get the variable in the row which is the date you want checked, then turn it into a DateTime variable (either Parse date, or CDate), then you could check if the dd part = 01.

Here is how:
Use a For each row loop and inside that, use a Get row Item to retrieve the correct column in each row that contains your date variable.
Call the row date something like: DateVar (genericvalue type variable will work fine)
Then in an assign do this code: DateVar = CDate(DateVar).ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)
Then an IF statement: DateVar.ToString.SubString(0,2)=“01”
THEN: Add message box “this is the first of the month” ← can do anything here you want really, message box was used as example only.
ELSE: add message box “this is not the first of the month”


Thank for the suggestion. Given my situation that the data under the column follows the same string patter i just ended up taking out the day using the substring method.

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