Checking Excel calculation is complete before extracting data

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Is there a way to check if Excel has finished calculating after an F9 on a complex spreadsheet which may take some time to complete?

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  1. Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open the Excel file and perform operations on it.
  2. After pressing F9 (manually or programmatically), use the “Send Hotkey” activity to send the F9 key to Excel. This will trigger the recalculation of the spreadsheet.
  3. Use the “Delay” activity to introduce a wait time after sending the F9 key. The duration of the delay depends on the complexity of your spreadsheet and the time it takes to finish calculating. You may need to experiment to find an appropriate delay time.
  4. To check if Excel has finished calculating, use the “Get Workbook Sheets” activity to retrieve the sheets in the Excel workbook.
  5. If the “Get Workbook Sheets” activity completes successfully, it indicates that Excel has finished calculating. You can proceed with the next steps in your workflow


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Thanks very much I didn’t know about the Get Workbook Sheets being an indicator of calculation completion

Really sorry, I know I marked your post as a solution but I then couldn’t find any activity Get Workbook sheets (even if I just search for ‘get’).

I have got UiPath.Excel.Activities package v2.16.1 and I am using modern activities.

Any idea where this activity might be?


It’s in the classic activities please check it over there. You can find the classic activities by using the filter option in the activities panel

Hope it works!!


Have you found the activity?


Hi Yes found it thanks very much

It seems a bit weird that there is not an alternative in modern activities as everything now seems to default to that.


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