Checkbox, Radio button and reCAPTCHA

Hi all,
I have to put an input on the site from Excel file which i have done successfully. The only thing i got stuck with is, there are some check boxes, radio button and reCAPTCHA which I m not able to record it. Could someone lead me with this? Thank you in advance.

Scenario: Check boxes and Radio buttons should be clicked as per the Excel file. I m adding a screenshot of it.

hi @bhosalepranav21,
Explain your full problem where you are stuck…??


  1. I need to click on the particular check boxes as per the Excel file. (Eg. Some users want to click on All Magazines whereas some users would click on specific Magazines.) (Note: it is mentioned in the Excel file that who wants what kind of subscription)
  2. In case of radio buttons, some users would click yes and others would click no (Note: it is mentioned in the Excel file that who wants to click yes and who wants to click no.)
  3. In case of reCAPTCHA, everyone would click here to confirm that they are not a robot.
    Hope, I have explained it thoroughly.
    Any pointers?
    Thanks in advance.

In your excel file having all dates,
Check the All Magazines Filed Whether it is clicked or not, if suppose i will enable use click Activity to click the All Magazines checkbox
In the Magazines has 53 values, if the All Magazines checkbox is clicked, Skip the 53 field in the excel file


Check Each and every Filed in the Magazines by using If Condition Activity, to check whether it is enable or not and then use click Activity

After Completing the Magazines Record, Next go for radio Button

And then Finally Use Click Activity to Click "I’m not a Robot"

Hi @Poovarasan2,
I would really appreciate if you could explain in detail. Can you please tell me what exactly i should do for all these 3 activities? Is it possible for you to attach an xaml file so that i can get an idea.

Can you give Sample Webpage for my preference for Preparing Xaml File…??



can you send me the sample website name,

Hi @Ajithkumar_P, @Poovarasan2,
This is the link of the website.

Excel File data…???

Here it is @Poovarasan2,
Magazine_Subscription.xlsx (10.3 KB)

The Scenario is,

  1. Launch Website:
  2. Click on Subscribe Free
  3. Read Excel
  4. Fill the data in website
  5. Click on Send
  6. Capture the screen shot
  7. Send email with screen shot attachment

I want to click on the check box having some specific Value in the particular column ,I tried to scrap the data from web and take into data table but I am not able to Scrap the data ,could anyone help please.
Thanks in advance.


Use data scraping, this should get you the list. But the challenge here is the checkbox has numbers. So you will need to map them and then use selectors to click.
However, the webpage has a captcha, so ideally you should not be automating this page :wink:

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Thanks for reply,Actually the web page contains an Table structure data but when I did the scrapping at that time it gives an list formatted data but actual I required an data table so that I iterate the for loop on that Data table.and the second issue is how to find the particular check box.


Any pointers?

Yaah, This is Correct.

Radio button is not a matter to click…

Use Split String Activity to split the content in the excel for and store in the array.
And use For Each Activity to Separate the value and use Check activity with dynamic Selector to achieve the Problem…

Alright. Thanks for the suggestions. I really appreciate it.

I have solved your problem except “CAPTCHA”.If any one have solution then complete my solution.Check boxes and Radio buttons.xaml (41.2 KB)

Hi @rpandey9

        This is my scenario when the code go to that column A("Name") when i am giving the condition "ctrl+shift++" it should insert a new cell.When the pop up comes i need to click the radio button "shift cells right" and then it should click "OK". Can you help me out of this.


Hi @nirsha Please find my (39.2 KB)