Checkbox in web application automation

Hi, I want to automate a process in web application. There is a check box which need to be checked everytime I want to generate report. I was trying to automate using “click” in UI automation. There is no issue on the first process.
However, the check box doesn’t reset to “uncheck” after the first process is done.
So the next time I run the process again, the check box get clicked again into “uncheck” condition.

I want to create an automation to check if the check box state is “checked” or “uncheck”. If the state is “checked”, then I want to skip the click check box process.

What is the ideal way to do this? I imagine using workflow flow decision. But if anybody can elaborate which function I need touse. It would be a great help!

Use Check Activity
Its has a options in the properties panel such as check, uncheck and toggle…

By using this activity, check option is used to check the check box and uncheck option is used to uncheck the check box and toggle option, it will gives alternative solution…
Suppose the check box is checked, the toggle option will uncheck the box…

Poovarasan Guna


Another solution for this is…

Use Get Attribute activity, it will check whether the check box is checked or not and give the boolean output like true or false
If the output is true, the check box in the web application is checked otherwise unchecked

Use If Condition Activity to achieve ur solution…

Poovarasan Guna

HI Poovarasan!
Thank you for the suggestion!

Poovarasan, I have another issue! Please go to this link if you can help!

Hi @Poovarasan2,

Can give you give one example