Checkbox element type doesn´t work with chekbox activity

Hi, I have an elemnt in an application which is a checkbox type, I am using the UiPath´s Check activity but when running I´m getting this error:

Also the activity is inside an Attach window…
Is there any way to check that box? maybe even with another activity?, click activity works for clicking over the element but doesn´t check the box :frowning:


if the check activity is not working try using anchor base activity and right side use the find element if any label information is there with he check box and left side you can use click activity to click the check box. please review the below thread for more guidance. try and let us know. thanks.

an alternate for toggling a checkbox can be (depending UI Technologies)

  • type into activity and let type in a space " "

May we ask you what type of application (Web, Desktop…) is involved? Thanks