Check who has not sent email reply, then send reminder email accordingly?

Hi, im trying to make a bot that can check the inbox for replies to an email, and then, from a list of email addresses, check who has not sent out a reply, and send a reminder email accordingly. i am unsure of how to do this, so any help would be appreciated. thanks

Assuming you will know what Subject Line to use to filter the messages (since you’re checking for replies only), you could use the following approach.

  1. I am assuming that your list of email addresses is in a spreadsheet/database table. Create a column in the spreadsheet ‘Reply Received’ having Yes/No values.
  2. Monitor inbox, while filtering by ‘Subject Line’ so that you only deal with replies.
  3. Use the MailMessage.From property to get the email address of the sender.
  4. Check the list of email addresses for the sender’s email. If found, mark the column ‘Reply Received’ as Yes.

Recommendation: If you use Dictionary object instead of a datatable to manage your email list, then you can lookup for the Key (email address) without having to loop through datatable each time, saving significant amount of time.

I hope this helps.