Check whether an extension is installed or not

Hi there,
I’m making a process that checks some vital things for our robot to run the other processes properly. For example, the first check is if the screen resolution is still matching the desired resolution. Sometimes after an update of our virtual machine, the resolution is incorrect and all of our robots fail to run the processes.
The other check would be if the UiPath Chrome Extension is still working/installed.

What would be the best way to check that? What activity should I use?
Thanks in advance!
Kind regards, Guus

Yes we can check whether chrome extension is installed or not with a simple image exists of uipath extension icon in the top right corner of chrome
Or we can check with physical location as well
For extensions
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath

Hope this would help you
Cheers @GuusJoosten

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Thanks @Palaniyappan!

Other way that came across my mind was to use a try catch block. Within try I have an open browser activity. Without the extension UiPath throws an error. (It opens the browser regardless). Within catch I can catch that error and work from there.

What do you think of that solution?

Hi @GuusJoosten

Based on the solution it do helps where we need know where it captures the exception

Ashwin S