Check whether a particular number is present in Data table or not


Search for a particular number in data table ,If found return that value or a Boolean value.How to achieve this


Do you want to check in any particular column or complete data table.
Is the number is a part of text or full text.

Karthik Byggari


That number is in first column and data table will have only one column.That number is full text only:
Need to check whether 12345 is present in data table first column or not


Hey @ndivya

you can get with below code:-

bool ValueExists = YourDatatableName.AsEnumerable().Any(function(row) valueToSearch = row.Field(Of String)(“Column1”))

Find attached sample and let me know :slight_smile:
nDivyasAmpleDtColValSearch.xaml (7.9 KB)



Use Assign Activity -

if number is stored in an variable and type is Integer
dataRowsArray = YourDataTable.Select(“Column1=” + SearchNumber)

If number is stored as a string
dataRowsArray = YourDataTable.Select(“Column1=” + “’” + SearchNumber + “’”)

if dataRowsArray.Length > 0 then number is found else not found.


Thanks… It’s working…


If i consider datarowarray as an array then type conversion error populated


It is an array of DataRow data type.


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