Check value present in multiple sheets in excel


Having 2 different excel workbook.

Retrieve value from Excel1 and check in another Excel2.Excel2 will be having multiple worksheets and sheets name will not remain same and check value present.If value present fetch row index and sheet name of Excel2.

Please help and kindly do needful and provide solution

Please follow the below steps:

  1. read Excel1 using- Excel application scope
  2. read the desired sheet data using - Read Range and store data in a DataTable
  3. Iterate the above DataTable using - For each row in Data Table
  4. For each Row, read the row value using - Get Row Item (this will give you the value to be searched in Excel2)
  5. Read Excel2 using - Excel Application scope
  6. Read all sheet names using - Get Workbook Sheets (this will return a List of strings for sheet names)
  7. start a loop to iterate the sheet name list using - for each row in the data table
  8. read the sheet data using - read range and store it in the data table
  9. for each row iterate with a simple loop and search for the value