Check Updates on Game with relative image scraping

I privately play an Android game on Emulator where you have a market. There I want to automatically buy things. So the bot need to run all the time to check for updates. Imagine the market getting new items every second. New ones come to the bottom of that page.

So I started to the process. The items always have an image. So I used an Attach Window with an On Image Appear activity. That works, but it always checks the whole emulator instead of just the bottom 50 pixels. I also used the ClippingRegion (0, 0, 0, 50). I thought this would only check the bottom 50 pixels. But somehow it still checks the whole window.

So question is, how can I reduce the check region of the On Image Appear to that small area of the emulator?

Any hint is welcome. I cannot find another topic like this one. Is this really impossible with UiPath? :expressionless: