Check the vertical scroll percentage of a Windows Application

Hi all

I have been searching in the forum how I can determine the vertical scroll percentage of a windows control so I can perform multiple screenshot of the entire window. I come across this link

It mentions using the .net API.

Does anyone know how to invoke such API call? using invoke code? sample code / snippet will be appreciated.

Thanks. I have read thru the api but wonder how to pass the uipath uielement to invoke code activities. I am not sure if uipath element needs to be recast to the specific dot Net control before applying such property

Sorry for rasing a lot of questions on this. I am new to invoke functions

Hi @Henry_Leung

Let me try this with invoke code and get back to you.

Thank you,

Thanks a lot.

I also tried to work with it but could not get it working with uipath. m getting the automation namespace does not have this function.