Check the connection between Orchestrator and Bot using Code or API

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Is there any way to check the connection manly whether the bot is connected/disconnected to Orchestrator using C# and or any API which I can manipulate and work on this one.
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This could help you buddy @anmolk171


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Hey @anmolk171

We have an option in UiPath,

  • Click on UiPath Robot which you can find in the system tray(bottom left), if you are unable to find, you can search and run using windows search option.
  • You can see the status in the bottom.

If the status is connected, that means Robot is connected to the Orchestrator, if it is not you can refresh or create the connection one more time in Orchestrator.
Goutham Vijay



All great answer here, just to add to it, if you are using platform of uipath for orchestration then go to the swagger account of platform (just. Google it) and then give your inputs and if any output is received then voila you are connected.

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Thanks, @Raghavendraprasad, @GouthamVijay nad @Palaniyappan-

@GouthamVijay- I have already known this process but I need to do it with code only that is my current requirement.

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