Check the cells and click on box

Hi guys, I really need a helping hand on this situation
I have an excel file which contains a data table (in the left side of the picture) and a website with radio button (in the right side of the picture). I need t read the data table and click correctly in the check box in the website
The condition are:

  1. Click step by step to the radio button.
    Example: Read AA1 on the data table and then click in AA1 on the website and click OK.
  2. There is " Code " column which mean you have to click 2 times on the check box if the material has the same code .
    Example: Read " Code " column, detect there are two Material with code 1 are AA1 and EE8. Then click both of them on website and click OK.
  3. As you can see there isn’t Material " CD3 " on the website click box. So to avoid that element what should I do? (You can’t delete that on the excel file).
    And I still have don’t know how to reset the check box after 1 flow is done.
    For Example: After click AA1 and EE8 then click OK. The next thing will reset the check box so there are no trace of the previous click and then it’ll do the second case is “CD3”.
    Below is my picture to describe my case

    Happy automation

@embephudon According to your requirements, I have understood that after you have read the table in the Excel, You would only need to Keep the rows whose Column “Code” are not empty, then proceed on Checking the values in the dropdown that match the Column “Material” but you would have to Check on all the materials if they have the same Code.

Please correct me If I’m wrong :sweat_smile:

But if my understanding is right then you would need to make a Group By based on the Code Column in the Table, then you can use the Grouped Values in the “Material” Column to Check the matching radio buttons.

Mostly the representation would look something like below:

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You are right, sir. But the problem is I need to read all the data table even the value doesn’t exist on the website check box (If the value doesn’t exist then move to the next material) and the case has code like 1, 2 is special case which you have to click 2 times on the check box.
To sum up, I want to click both on a case which has 1 value like DD7 and the special case too and it will work from top to bottom or base on your algorithm.

Well, I’ve done it with remove duplicate and filter to get the value like your excel table, but It click like this . AA1 then EE8 then EF4 and CF10. There is no break between “code 1” and “code 3”. I want to add a step click OK between “AA1, EE8” and “EF4,CF10”

@embephudon Do you have it in this format ?

what di you mean ???


If i understand you correctly

You need to read the code and click on the button checkbox on my website according the number, like if it is 1 then 1 time we need to click, if it is 3 then need to click 3 times

If it is empty then it should not click and proceed to next row

Confirm is this correct?


Yes, your are right. If the code column doesn’t have anything then click 1 then click ok. if it has 2 code resemble then click 2 time and click OK.