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I have just started with UiPath and need help for my project.

What needs to be done is for the bot to check the system date. If the date is less than the 8th of the month, bot will do nothing. But if it’s already the 8th onwards, bot will run a task.

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Take a interger variable and assign the value “System.DateTime.Now.Day” to it, you will have the current day and later, you can use if statement in sequence or flow decision in flowchart to do the dates comparision like “int_variable > 8”.

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have a look into below workflow, it will help you (13.4 KB)


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This is a start.

Thanks @Ajju and @Vish2148

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is it solved ?

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Yeah, it worked. Just also like to ask if UiPath studio can extract data from Tableau?

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if solved marked it as a solution.

i am not sure about Tableau, post it as a new post forum members will help you

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