Check String Values

How to check if the string values ​​are greater than or less than 10? using the delimiter “;” so that the string is below each other.


Do you want to check each value independently such as 5500007791?

If so, the following helps you.


Yes that’s right.
However, I need the values ​​equal to 10 to be ordered one below the other.

Ex: 5500007791

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Do you want to check if value such as 5500007791 equals 10? If so, the following will work.


This for each value of the string, after it is all that are equal to 10 numbers, I need to get them, but it has to be one below the other, because I will copy and paste in a SAP screen.

In advance, thanks for the tips.


  1. First create one list of string variable.
  2. And then follow the steps mentioned by @Yoichi to check each string length is equal to 10 or not. If it is equal then use Add to Collection activity to add that value to the above created list variable. And then pass those output list to SAP.


Thank you very much for your help, it worked!

Best regards.

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