Check range and separate sheet?

I have file config rate as below.
Config.xlsx (15.2 KB)


  • In future in have more product.

And file input as below.

I want to check value in column FPP with data in file config.
Example row2 FPP=57,900 ----> compare rate in file config = product B ----> Separate to sheet B.

Please guide me about it.
INput16.xlsx (12.0 KB)

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Hi @fairymemay

Can you share the output file.

Hey @fairymemay !! Is the condition LowerEqual Rate Value?


@gabrielribas4 yes

@Gokul001 My output as below.
Output.xlsx (10.6 KB)

57,900 is less than 100.00 and is also less than 100.01. What product would it be?

@gabrielribas4 57,900 less than 100,000 —> Product B


Remark : I don’t fix product for 2 product only. (In future maybe 3 ,4 product )

@Ramya_K You​ can​ guide​ me​ for​ solve​ this​ case?

@fairymemay can you please brief your problem statement. On what conditions the data should be separated. Thanks!!!

@Ramya_K separate​ sheet​ follow​ product​ from​ config​ file.

Example input file​ have​ 1sheet
After​ run​ it​ separate​ 2​ sheet​ (sheet​ B, D) follow​ file​ config​ (but​ I​ don’t​ fix​ 2​ product​ because​ future​ it​ can​ increase product​ to​ 3,4,… product

@fairymemay according to this, if 57,900 is less than 100,000 then it should go to “B” sheet. But same 57,900 is also less than 100,001 right, then it should also go to “D” sheet.

@Ramya_K I edit file my config as below.
Config (1).xlsx (15.3 KB)


So, 57,900 ----> product B (less than 100,000) and product E (less than 90,000)


Filter_LessThanValues.xaml (9.6 KB)

See if this workflow filters the data as requested. Thanks!!!

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