Check of value exists in the column of Database

I need to check if a value exists in the column of the database. Then proceed with data of the row where value is found.
On the first step I am trying to do the same as here in a flow decision:

But recieve a compiler error - ‘AsEnumerable’ is not a member of ‘System.Data.DataTable’…
Is it possible to fix without doing loops ?

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yah of course we can check with select method itself like this
yourdatatatablename = yourdatatablename.Select(“[yourcolumnname] = ‘yourvalue’”).CopyToDatatable()

this will give us the datatable as output with column having only that value in it

or if we need to the datarow as a arrayrow
then remove the copytodatatable() so the output will be array of datarows
like this
yourdatatatablename = yourdatatablename.Select(“[yourcolumnname] = ‘yourvalue’”)

hope this would help you
Kindly correct if i have understood the query wrongly
Cheers @Slavich

Great decision, @Palaniyappan.

Maybe there is an option to check the same way insead of ‘yourvalue’ paste all values of Array? also witout looping

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Hello @Slavich

you can solve this error.Open your Main.Xaml in notepad and than scroll down and find all the Assembly Reference and paste this below the last reference
Like this

Than save your notepad and open that Main in studio and run your program

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so were we able to get now
Cheers @Slavich