Check input with an excel file

Hi, I have 2 files; one is the input file another one is the directory/base file. I was using IF method to see if the directory file contains the input. Even though, it works I have around 100 inputs then I have to create 100 if methods which I think is bad coding. So is there any better way?

Thank you xoxo

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Hi @sangasangasanga, you could use assign your input and directory file to variables.

For example:

HI @quihan I tried your way. Seems doable however I got an error
2808.xaml (17.2 KB)

Hi @sangasangasanga, replace the ‚ÄúCOLUMNNAME‚ÄĚ with dt column you want to compare and the row(‚ÄúCOLUMNNAME‚ÄĚ) with Input column.

2808.xaml (17.4 KB)



Hi @quihan , can your solution be used for columns containing dates?

I think you could. Have you tried it?

@quihan Yes, I tried but I am getting an error

test.xaml (38.0 KB)

Hi @sangasangasanga, for that you have to use binary operators like =, > ,< ,etc.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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