Check individual Data Table "field" for mulitple "rows" of data

Hello everyone,

I’m sure I’m not using the correct terminology, but what I’m needing to do is basically check and individual data table field for multiple “Rows” so an example would be if B1 contains
“Check # 5465 for 605.00
Credit recived for 325.00”

I need to identify and remove “Credit recived for 325.00”. I could run into more than two “Rows”, but I need to always return the first “row” only.

Is this possible? I’ve never had to do anything like this and I’m not sure what to even search for to see if somone else has.


Can you share some sample data and required output?

So that we can work on that


@jkendrick Basically you have to loop for each row and inside that you need to split data by the new line character and take the first one
Assign it to item(col number)
Split(item(col number).ToString,Environment.NewLine)(0)

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