Check in Excel if an employee is eligable for a shift based on his skillset and write a status in a column if true

Dear UIForum Community

I am new to the community and I am facing the following challenge:

As a starting point I have an Excel with 2 worksheets “Employees” and “Shifts”. The worksheet “Shift” is always updated with new entries as a new row below (Image 1).
Each employee is entered in a row and has certain skills (skill_gate, skill_ckin, skill_ass). If the employee has the skill, it is marked with a 1 in the column, if the employee does not have the skill, it is marked with a 0.
In the Shifts worksheet, the Skills column contains the skills (skill_gate, skill_ckin, skill_ass) required for the respective shift (Image 1).

Image 1:

I would like to create a workflow that reads the two worksheets and then matches the employees who are eligible for the respective shifts based on their skills.
If an employee is eligible for a shift based on his or her skills, I want to display the text “planned” in the “Shifts” worksheet in the “Status” column. If no employee is matched with a shift, then the text “not planned” should be displayed (Column “Status” in Image 1).

I am very grateful for any help from the forum on how to best set up the workflow.

Many thanks and best regards

Can you please provide the excel workbook.