Check Image in portal


I want to check the gender of a name in the citrix browser.
After giving the name, the gender will be appearing in the sides of the name given by me.
Male:Left side Footprint with blue color
Female:Right side Footprint with pink color
Transgender: both footprint on two sides of the name.

The image also not in fixed position , as the name changes in length.


Hi @Kadhambam_Pookkal,

Can you elaborate the error you are facing? Or is it related to logic?

  1. Use Image Exists activity (for Blue and for Pink) to search for the image on the visible page
  2. Then you can use if, whether condition Blue is True of Pink,
  • If Pink is true, then female
  • If Blue, then male,
  • If both, then transgender

Try this and if you face any problem, please upload your workflow to investigate further.



Thanks for you reply.
I tried with Image exists activity.
But for both Gender it gives the same answer.
For example male name David, Female name tasmine it gives the same result.
Attached the workflow.
You can give the name David and run it.(Blue color Footprint image).
You can give the name Tasmine and run it.(Pink color Footprint image).
For both the activity gives the same result (3.4 KB)