Check if variables are in a datarow

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I need to find if 2 variables which are set in the workflow are contained in one row of this datatable.

**Partita iva Società**
**IT00488410010 ENERXENIA**
**IT00488410010 ACSM-AGAM**
**IT00488410010 ACSM-AGAM RETI**
**IT05779711000 ENERXENIA**
**IT05779711000 ACSM-AGAM**
**IT00042330142 ENERXENIA**
**IT12883450152 ENERXENIA**
**IT04152790962 ENERXENIA**

So for example, if variable Partita_IVA=IT05779711000 and variable Società=ENERXENIA I need to perform some actions.

How to perform this check?
Can you please share a xaml?
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Condition inside for each row-> row(0).toString = “IT05779711000” and row(1).toString = “ENERXENIA”"[Partita iva]=’"+Partita_Variable+"’ [Società]=’"+Società_variable+"’").Count>0


What I would do if an if inside a for each row

For Each ROw
If Partita IVA = X and Societa = X
Else If Partita IVA = Y and Societa = X
Else If Partita IVA = Y and SOcieta = Y

and such.

This should work :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @kadiravan_kalidoss.
I’ll try and let you know as soon as possible.
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