Check if the column has empty or miscellaneous data

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My csv file has a column “Employee code” which has empty and miscellaneous data along with the employee code (Numeric value).
Please suggest how can I find that out as my data would be large enough

what is your requirement? to filter out empty rows?

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Can be more specific of your requirement?



We would need a few more details about what to extract but you can use some regular expression to be able to locate that number in that jumble of data.


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I need to upload csv file in one portal. If the column (Employee code) has empty or miscellaneous data then then portal will throw error while uploading the file.
So, to successfully upload the file, I need to check if the column has any empty or miscellaneous data in it.
I have attached sample screenshot of the file.



Employee code must always be a number? If so, you can use the isNumeric function that will return false when the string entered is not a number or is blank or empty.