Check if task was performed successfully in Orchestrator

Is there any way I can check if the task was successfully performed in orchestrator? By this I mean something like an email message or even a message box on the screen.
I know you can find them in jobs but maybe I forget to check them
Thx in advance.

You would have to do that as part of the process workflow. If everything is successful, send a notification.

And how do I do that? By using a flow decision with true and false ?

That might be one way, it depends on what means success of your task.

by successful I mean the program didn’t stop or had other errors I don’t know about.

Please see This might help. Good luck.

thank you. i will check the info.:slight_smile:


Put your process in try catch block and at the end of try block use send Outlook MailMessage activity to send success notification and in catch block also use Send Outlook MailMessage activity to send failed notification. If any error occurs in try block then it will come to catch block and will trigger failed mail else it will trigger success mail.

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Thank you Iakshman. It worked perfectly.

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