Check if some values in an excel file exist in multiple tabs

Let’s say I have a webpage at hand containing 100 Links with different URLs. The URLs are almost the same except for a slight difference which is a number in the address.
For example, the URLs are like this:


I’d like to use UiPath to

  1. Select a specific tab between multiple tabs (let’s say the first one).

  2. Extract two specific fields (string value types) from the web table in the tab. The first field can have two values (Person/Corporation) and the second field is the name of the corporation which can be anything containing some words.

  3. If the value of the first field is “person”, close the tab; If not (e.g. “corporation”), go to the next step.

  4. In case the value of the first field is “corporation”, Search the value of the second field (which is the name of the corporation) in an excel table (which is a list of corporations’ names), and if it exists in the list, close the tab. otherwise, keep it open.

  5. after the action is complete (Close the tab/keep it open) go to the next tab and do the loop till the final tab.

Thank you

HI @tarvajeha

There is any reason that you need to open multiple tabs at a same time?

Why are you doing that?


no reason. i just want to check all the tabs and do the action

You are doing the same actions in all the links right? @tarvajeha

yes. all the links has the same structure and i want to check if two specific fields values exist in the excel list and if so, close the tab. otherwise keep it open

What are your next steps after you done with the condition check and keep the tab open as it passed your condition test?

Generally what are you going to do with that opened tabs?


Basically I’d like to do some actions on the tabs which is another problem.