Check if Orchestrator-User has req. folder permissions

Hi people,

I want to use the Assign Tasks activity to assign some Action Center tasks to users via their email address.

Of course I can only assign to users with permissions:

All users granted the required permissions to the action-containing folder […] implicitly can be assigned an action.

ActionCenter Docs

As I understand, we are talking about Orchestrator folder permissions here. Now, how can I check if a user (email address) exists and if he or she has the required permissions? Any experiences or best practices around in the forum?

Thank you and best regards!

Hey @lukasziebold

You need to make an API call for fetching the same.

To refer the docs,



Oh dear, I was hoping for other solutions, because I haven’t used API calls on the environment I’m working on. Supposedly it gets very tricky, because AD authentication is used.

Thank you for your input though, any other ideas?